The story

The Helheimrungs, named after a combination of Helheim, the underworld in Norse mythology, and the German word "Rung" meaning a secret or mysterious message.

"Hǫllum Helheims þrællr, giefum holdr hans, blóðr æva flæðir,
víkingr Valkyrjunnar, trúum ekki neinum guði,
en heitum öfundar brennum flóði eins og fórnalambið.
Stattfestum mótun okkar í skugganum,
ok finnum yfirgnæfi í dauðanum,
ok einvígi er leiðin til frægðar ok bóta."

"We are slaves of Helheim, our flesh is given, blood forever flows,
Vikings of Valkyries, we believe in no god,
But we burn with envy like sacrificial lambs.
We solidify our formation in the shadows,
And find abundance in death,
For only through battle can we achieve glory and redemption."

The 7 factions

The Helheimrungs consist of seven distinct factions: the Nornirfrost, Yggdrasilzwerg, Valkyrjasturm, Huginnmystik, Blotfalkenorden, Runenwanderer, and Donnerjägerbruderschaft. Each group has its own unique specialties and approaches. From seers and warriors to scholars and storm-chasers, the Helheimrungs are a diverse and formidable force.

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More about The Helheimrungs

The Helheimrungs were a mysterious group of people who lived in a small village nestled deep in the forests of northern Germany. Their name was a combination of Helheim, the underworld in Norse mythology, and the German word "Rung" meaning a secret or mysterious message.

Their existence was shrouded in mystery and darkness, and their practices were often considered weird and cruel. The villagers living near the Helheimrungs' settlement avoided them, fearful of their strange practices and the strange aura that surrounded them.

Those who ventured into the forests claimed to have seen strange rituals and heard the screams of animals being sacrificed. Some even claimed to have seen the Helheimrungs conducting strange experiments on humans. The truth about the Helheimrungs was unknown, but one thing was certain: they were a reclusive and dangerous group of people.

The villagers would often hear stories of people who had dared to cross the Helheimrungs' path and never returned. Despite the rumors and the warnings, one young man named Lars was curious about the Helheimrungs. He had always been fascinated by their mysterious ways and the secrets that surrounded them. He wanted to know what made them tick and what they were hiding from the world.

One day, Lars decided to take a walk in the forest, determined to find the Helheimrungs and discover their secrets. As he walked deeper into the forest, the trees grew thicker, and the air grew colder. The eerie silence was only broken by the occasional sound of a twig snapping under Lars's feet. Finally, he stumbled upon the Helheimrungs' settlement.

He knew that the Helheimrungs were not of this world and that their secrets would remain hidden forever.

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